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Traditional restaurant upgrades digital restaurant projection to enhance new dining experience

December 18, 2019

Tired of the same decoration, disgusted with the taste of different styles, how to find a different dining experience, enjoy a different dining environment, digital restaurant projection has become the first choice for the renovation and upgrading of the restaurant industry.


Holographic Restaurant is also called Light and Shadow Restaurant, Immersion Restaurant and Interactive Projection Restaurant. It combines holographic projection technology with 3D animation, and builds a dynamic and changeable environment scene with dining room wall, curtain, desktop, ground and ceiling as projection carriers. The animation production based on dynamic images is customized, so that the dining room space presents dynamic 3D stereo vision effect. Combining traditional lighting landscaping with holographic projection pictures, it improves the three-dimensional and realistic sense of restaurant, and matches with background music to achieve immersive effect. "Holographic Restaurant" can customize the business theme, attract passengers, improve brand identity and increase consumer willingness, and create the most popular local “net red restaurant!”

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Digital restaurant projection is based on visual senses. By combining digital content, the projector and stereo content are combined to give people the best visual impact to display different restaurant environments. The dining experience will not occupy the limited space of the restaurant. Different decoration styles allow diners to enjoy a new dining experience with different styles while eating.

Restaurant is a place that everyone can't be familiar with. With the improvement of people's living standard, the requirement of restaurant's taste is also improved. It has to be good, full and emotional.

It is not enough to satisfy people's taste, but also to satisfy their vision, touch and even sense of hearing and smell.

People's high demand for food, so how to attract and retain customers and create a better dining experience, has become a subject that catering practitioners must face.