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Analysis of the Use of Screen Projection Technology in Stage Performance

December 18, 2019

Holographic screen is a display form of projection imaging by means of projection and projection lamp. Its imaging still depends on the solid imaging medium. But the material of the medium of the holographic screen overcomes the problems of self-weight, difficult installation and large space occupation of other imaging media in the past by its great advantages of lightness and easy installation. Yarn screen is a screen made of screen material. Its imaging medium is a thin screen like light yarn. It can be extremely fine wire mesh, or gauze that is not easy to be seen by the eye. The imaging medium can provide a good image visual effect reflection, which can bring shocking visual impact in large-scale display.

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By projecting the dynamic video onto the double-layer iron yarn with a projector, a fantastic and gorgeous picture can emerge. At the same time, through projection multi-channel fusion system splicing technology, DHN can complete super-large-scale display, thus creating a spectacular scene. Combined with the LCD TV screen behind the screen, double visual effect can be achieved. It is a perfect combination of art and high-tech, which is very ornamental. The greatest advantage of the screen is that it transmits light and ensures that the screen is still bright and saturated with bright colours at the same time of high transmittance. The viewer can see the object on the back through the screen, and can also use the second image of light transmittance, which is more permeable than the traditional projection screen, so that the image can be suspended in the air. At present, holographic projection screen is widely used in the stage. Holographic screen, stage performance, light and shadow, perfect coordination, such as fantastic dance design to bring a strong visual impact to the audience. The use of holographic screen stereo projection can make the influence of stage works on the audience more deeply into the level of consciousness. Through the utmost real virtual space, the artistic world can get the ultimate interpretation of the concern for the individual mind.